Are you missing our premium blend of signature popcorn? Now you can bring it home! Most locations are offering curbside popcorn pick-up. Purchase your $25 5-gallon bag of popcorn and receive a complimentary $25 Galaxy Gift card for future use at any Galaxy Theatre! Currently offered at 13 of our 15 locations, guests can only purchase online by reserving a date & time to pick-up their popcorn. We’re excited to offer a tasty treat that is sure to make family and friends smile!


Have a question? We can help answer them:



Q: How does this work?

A: Simple! Reservation times are listed on Facebook & Instagram each week in addition to our website. To order, visit our website (select your theatre if not already selected as preference), choose an available date and time from the calendar. Arrive at theatre on scheduled day and time with your email confirmation and photo ID in hand.


Q: How big are the bags?

A: 5-gallons!


Q: How much are the bags?

A: $25 each and come with a complimentary $25 gift card.


Q: Does the popcorn come with butter?

A: When purchasing online, you can choose between “No Butter” or “Buttered”.


Q: Is it fresh or pre-packaged?

A: It is freshly popped day of pick-up and packaged right before you arrive.


Q: Are you able to purchase other concessions with your popcorn order?

A: We like the way you think. Unfortunately, not at this time, only popcorn is available.




Q: Are you able to place an order over the phone?

A: We would love to chat and take your order over the phone, BUT we are popping tons of popcorn. Orders can only be placed online.


Q: Can I pay with cash or a gift card?

A: Credit card is the only way to make online purchases for popcorn pick-ups.


Q: Can I show up without a reservation and purchase in-person?

A: Sorry, no! Please reserve a pick-up time in advance on website. Paying by credit card locks your order in and helps us prepare for your arrival.


Q: The website is saying there are not enough tickets.

A: Unfortunately, when you receive that alert, it means we are sold out for that specific time. If all reservation times are giving you that alert, then we are sold out completely.


Q: I thought I placed my order, but I never received an email confirmation.

A: Sometimes, guests accidentally click “continue shopping” or “cancel order” instead of “next”. In order to place your order, you will need to click “next” and fill out the payment page.


Q: When I click on the link from the social post, why does it take me to a blank page with no reservation times?

A: When you get to our website, you must first select the correct date from the calendar.


Q: Can we order more than one bag? Do we get more gift cards if we do?

A: Every $25 bag includes a $25 gift card. Multiples welcome!


Q: Why is your mobile app not working?

A: Purchases for our popcorn pick-ups cannot be made from our mobile app, only our website.


Q: Why am I being asked to put in a voucher code?

A: Please make sure you are trying to access our website online, not our mobile app.




Q: Do you deliver to my house?

A: We only offer pick-ups at our theatre.


Q: Do I have to come into the theatre to pick-up?

A: No, please stay in your car. We bring it to you and can place in trunk, back seat, etc.


Q: What do I need to show in order to get my order?

A: Your email confirmation and photo ID are required to pick up the order.


Q: Can somebody else pick up the popcorn order?

A: Yes! As long as they bring a photo ID and the email confirmation, they will be able to pick-up your order!


Q: What safety measures are you taking to keep the pick-up touch free?

A: We are limiting orders per reservation time and spreading out pick-ups. We wear gloves and masks while maintaining social distancing. When guests arrive, they do not need to step out of their cars. We check the confirmation and ID, then deliver popcorn and gift card to their cars directly.




Q: If I receive a gift card at one Galaxy location, can I use it at a different Galaxy location?

A: Yes, Galaxy gift cards can be used at any of our Galaxy Theatres locations


Q: What can I use the gift card for?

A: Galaxy Theatres gift cards can be used to purchase movie tickets and concession items as soon as our theatres open again.


Q: Do gift cards expire?

A: There is no expiration date on your Galaxy gift card. For more info about our gift cards, please visit our gift card FAQs.


Q: I bought popcorn and forgot to pick it up! What do I do?

A: Please send us a private message on Facebook with your confirmation and contact information and we will connect you with management. You may also reach us at 888-407-9874. However, we are only operational during our popcorn pick-up hours, which you can find on our website or social media posts.


Q: Website won’t let me order. Can I call over the phone?
A: We are only accepting online reservations. If you are experiencing an error ordering online, that means we are likely sold out. Check back for additional times, which are updated weekly.


Q: Will you be adding more reservation times?

A: If new times are added, we will update our social media posts on Facebook and Instagram as quickly as possible. Stay tuned!